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Well Hello!

August 14, 2010

Sometimes things are just too good to keep bottled up and it always seems like such a waste when I forget them. The only trouble is that some of those things are best left unsaid when it comes to the people around me. The hottest gossip or the funnest story always seems to be about the people around me or it touches just a little too close to home.

This could be a new form of therapy for me or at the very least a way to share some fun with with those that like tales from flat grass hillbillies, my autistic brother stories, Pranks that I have often loved, or my new irritation. These subjects are always going on around me and I love to share them with every one that cares to hear them.

So it is my greatest honor to welcome you to my blog… A view into my crazy world! and if you have similar stories share them with me so that I don’t feel like the only machine working with a screw loose!…Just rattling on!

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