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Clint and My Sisters Friend

August 15, 2010

My sister was in band class and noticed that a male friend that was sitting right next to her did not show back up after the brief break that they had. Later that day she asked him what happened to him. He replied ” I went to the restroom and there was this guy in there that turned around and smiled at me then peed on me!” Donna was shocked like a deer in the head lights by what he said and went home later that day.

At the same time, my autistic brother Clint came home with an unusual report that my mother read it said “Dear…Clinton had an unfortunate miss hap. He accidentally urinated on a student in the restroom”. I heard both stories before they had a chance to communicate to each other and I was able to connect the dots for them! My sister waited till the end of the year to tell that friend of hers what she knew about the incident. She told him in front of a lot of people. Every one had a good laugh about it but I still believe that it is far better to be Pissed off than pissed on most of the time.

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