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Only In A Small Town

August 15, 2010

The flat grass hillbillies (aka Rednecks) around here have very few things to entertain themselves with. One of them, a girl, decided to go home after a night of bowling. This would have been a typical night except for the fact that a police officer followed her for 14 minutes and then turned around and started back. Oh no!…she wasn’t having that! She turned around and started following him. Another police car pulled up behind her and the one she was following stopped. Both of the officers got out and went up to her window. The one that she was following said” Can I ask why you were following me?” she replied ” officer I have a huge craving for donuts and I just knew if I followed you long enough I would find the donut shop.” The other officer lost his composure and then they both laughed saying “Are you for real?” but then the first officer ask her ” No…seriously why are you following me?” She told him “Because you followed me first!” He told her that he could put her in jail for following him but he let her off with a warning.

The crazy thing is that these small town cops will follow people around after dark but it is a jail offense for returning the favor.  I do know one thing though, the girl who did this is Redneck crazy!WOW!

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