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six feet of tape…

August 21, 2010
Ken c.1990s

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My 320 pound autistic brother would eat inanimate objects occasionally but not for the same reasons that someone with Pica would. He would swallow them to get rid of them if he was not allowed to throw them away. He would constantly obsess over things that bothered him and his patience was immeasurable. He once waited a month just to throw away this doll that my sister had. The only way we knew was because I took the trash out and there it was ripped in half  laying in the trash.

A few months ago, Mom had noticed that he was mad at a few of his tapes and he tried to throw them away but each time mom would retrieve them. The next thing she knew she walked into his room to find him swallowing the vcr tape out of its cassette! It was too late to get it out. We took him to the hospital and discovered a startling find. His x-ray revealed a ken doll head that was looking right at us!

When they performed surgery on him it was like opening up a sharks belly. They pulled out a plastic bag, the Ken doll‘s head hands and feet, and six feet of vcr tape.We affectionately started calling him mama’s lil’ goat after this. Nothing really establishes that name as well as seeing that Ken doll head just staring us down on an x-ray.It was bad then but its hilarious now.

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