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Practical Joke #228

August 30, 2010

Bob was a genius at needling me to death with silly little comments. He came about them so easily it was like breathing.  All day long every time I passed him with his porno-stache, cop sunglasses on top of his head, and chili bowl hairdo he would make up some little rhyme or verbal jab. I put up with it for three days straight. I finally had enough.

On Friday, we came to work and things went just about the same for most of the day but this day I spent my lunch break at a place that let customers make bumper stickers from scratch. I made one that said “Honk If You’re Gay Too!” and put it on his car. Bob always backed into his parking space to get out easier in his convertible mustang. He liked to drop the top and ride around flirting with girls on his time off. He thought of himself as quite the ladies man.

He rode off and he didn’t realize that the sticker was there until Sunday evening. He wondered why people were honking, waving , and smiling at him all weekend as he rode down Riverside. He came back to work on Monday relaying what had happened to him and looking all the while for the culprit, but because he had so many people that he victimized, he had no idea who done it.

He told the story over and over again, looking for the suspicious reaction that would give him a target to no avail. He toned down his comments for a while because he didn’t know who was pranking him and he was afraid of what would happen next. The whole shop enjoyed the thought of Bob driving down the road with cop sunglasses on, his chili bowl hair cut, and that ridiculous mustache flirting with girls while he was getting hit on by guys. Most of them suspected me but they didn’t know for sure until I told them on the day that I was leaving. Bob appreciated the originality of the prank in the end, but I think it was just because he was going to pull it on someone else because he asked me where I made that bumper sticker right before I left. I miss working at that place the humor and jokes always kept us laughing.

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  1. August 30, 2010 4:23 am

    ha ha – good one – I love a practial joke when it’s well-deserved

    • August 30, 2010 6:30 am

      If any body deserved it it was definitely him! We went round and round!

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