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My Friend Dennis

July 29, 2014

Some people can have a special place in your heart due to their amazing soul. Such a soul can not be described by mere words alone, but can be felt and enjoyed by the things they say and experienced gravethrough their very nature.
One such friend of mine tells many stories about happenings in his life and here is one from him that had me imagining what the other guy must have thought! Without further adieu, I give you a very funny story as told by my dear friends Dennis!
” Back in my drinking days, I once took my usual shortcut from the bar through the cemetery, to get home. On this night, though, it didn’t go quite as planned. In my inebriated state, I didn’t take notice of the freshly dug grave, and I fell in. I tried several times to jump up high enough to grab anything to support me, so I could pull myself up, and even tried to dig little footholds in the walls, so I could get that extra step, but all attempts failed, so eventually I gave up, and sat down in the corner. A short time later, another drunk fell in. I watched as he tried to get out, doing just as I had done, to no avail. Finally, I said, “You might as well sit down and relax, you won’t get out of this tonight.” And you know what? He got out!”

See what I mean? LOL!

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