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When Tomorrow is an Eternity Away

February 7, 2014

When the tick of the clock doesn’t match the timewinter_daybreak_hokkaido_japan

of one’s heart beat …

every second seems like an eternity.

The world spins slow.

Life goes by and it is not as sweet…

because it is not in it’s proper time.

Who cares if the birds are singing and the air smells fresh…

if there is any chance that the next day will be shared…

with someone who has the ability to lighten one’s heart by mere presence?

Life always seems to go so slow in sad or lonely times…

and so fast when love and laughter is near.

Ironically, the waiting is what makes the good times

seem so sweet.

Doesn’t a meal taste better when seasoned with hunger?

I believe that the more bad things that happen in our lives,

the better the good one’s are going to be

…simply because they will be absorbed completely and appreciated more

… so if tomorrow is an eternity away, there sure is a lot of time…

to imagine just how good it will be when it gets here and when it does…

Take it in.

appreciate every second spent on the journey

… because those are the little bits of time

that made those good things seem just that much better.

Peace be with you.



February 6, 2014

(A look at a bad day in retrospect…Choices

We all decide how we react to and feel about the things and people around  us. Choose wisely!)


It’s late tonight, as I go over the day…

I think of all the things I coulda, shoulda, woulda, but actually did say.

Like that moment I was mad over things that I could not control…

and my decisions were not okay.

Later there was that moment I had no confidence, put on an act, and acted like a fool

I shoulda gave you love in a moment like that…

but I let you walk away.

I let the negative in

…and it sent my life into a spin.

Now my life is a mess.

It woulda been so much better if the boss had not walked in…

I might still have a job if I hadn’t said all those things

…I “JUST HAD TO” say.

Instead I made choices,

bad ones at that…

even silence might not have been a note so flat.

Now I AM where I’m at…

with more things to choose

…and tomorrow IS a new day.

But if I’m honest with myself did I not already have…


I Know Joy

January 23, 2014

On a baby’s smile…

I know Joy!

I know Joy!

hope tells me,

of the life I can’t always see.

And once in a while…

two lovers embrace

…and the sight of them lights up my face

and reminds me …

The long walks into the red and orange dusk so free…

and the first time I realized life was mine

I could drink deeply of it’s finest wine

and act like fool yet still be loved.

Always at peace … never shoved.

endless love… yes endless love

from down here to those above.

Though it may hurt from time to time

and my world will slip past it’s prime.

I can see her in all the best places…

captured in the good stuff in endless traces

filling my heart full of love when she visits me

See! oh can’t you see!

The real Mc Coy…

Yes I do….

I know Joy!

The Whisper

July 11, 2013

couple2A whisper can be as loud as thunder even from the softest source…

Like when it carries words that come harsh or coarse…

and hate is said with no remorse


love can be sent like a messenger on a


A whisper is a powerful force.

So whisper to me now…

make it soft and clear.

Whisper to me now as i draw you near…

but be smooth and gentle as you do.

I’ll hear you as though the sky was talking…

looking into your eyes I’ll see the feelings that are stalking…

and feel the direction they are walking.

To me or away…

but I’ll hear them like thunder through your whisper.

Practical Joke #2502 Hospital Humor on the Fly

November 16, 2012
English: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NIC...

English: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ordinarily, I would not do or recommend doing something like this to a heart patient but since they reported that he was going to be just fine, was actually feeling better than he had felt in a long time, and was only in the intensive care unit being observed for just a few more hours …I took the opportunity with his family to have some fun and cheer him up!
Here’s The Story
One evening I received a frantic call asking me for a ride to the hospital about dinner time. I said okay and made a record dash 25 miles to pick up a friend of a friend who was worried because her dad was rushed to the hospital with heart problems.
When we got there we found out that the news had been a bit delayed. Walking into the waiting area I noticed there was about 20 people, all of his closest relatives!
They had just started letting them go into the intensive care unit in groups of 2 to see him. The nurse come out and said he was doing well, they opened up a blockage in his something or other and the worst part is over.
After the 2nd group come out the man’s wife said “My gosh with all of these people going in and out they have no idea who is who” and a brother chimed in “we should send a stranger back to see what happens.” I said I’ll go! and then as we were talking we decided to make it seem like the patient may be having memory problems!
I went in with the sister as the next group. As we were going back we shared details only someone close to him would know.
I went in with a look of concern on my face picturing him as one of my oldest friends. As I shook his hand I said ” How are ya Ron… I stopped by yesterday but no one was home. Paula told me you were there but you must have been sleeping… I guess we can’t go to the turkey shoot tomorrow after all”
The poor man went from a greeting he would give a stranger to a confused terror while still holding my hand in a firm grip. The wheels were turning in his mind. I could see the questions going across his face as he looked at his sister and then looked at me tightening his grip as if to squeeze the memory out. Then with a look of defeat, he looks at his sister and says I don’t know this man turning our handshake towards her as if to show her who he was talking about.


Promptly I winced my face and said in an exaggerated mouthing whisper across the bed to the sister ” He doesn’t know who I am!!! OUCH!” .  She said ” Really? He has been over to your house dozens of times…heck I even know Stuart!” The poor man was about to lose his sanity and start getting excited so we told him it was a joke, insisted that it was his brothers idea, and laughter ensued especially pulling this one getting by the nurses, since this was an intensive care room. The family cheered our success as we recounted our story to them in the waiting room. Then we told the brother…for some reason he wants to see you next!! Oh well at least we were close to an intensive car room in case he got strangled for the joke!


Everyone has a song

November 16, 2012
Iggy Pop at UC Davis Coffee House

Image via Wikipedia

Everyone has a song but most people are afraid to sing it, mention it, or even dare to dream about it. So they listen while other people sing their own songs and never get heard. I’m no musician but I wish that I would take the time to be one because my song rocks hard and sets me free just from writing it on paper. My challenge is…What’s your song?

Here it is :


I am a man born of circumstance

I have dealt with the life given to me

Never once have I fell…. and not crawled out of the living hell

that sometimes life has handed to me

Now you’re standing there with that shitty grin

and you think that you’ve got it all over me

Well I’m not your chump or anybody’s punk…

and  I will always be free!

– I’ll stand and deliver

– My soul will fly free

– Can’t make me shiver

– My soul will fly free

All your fucking rules

say what I can not do

but I’m telling you…

I will be free

Though- you-beat-me-down-

and- you- brow- beat- me…

I will be free

-I will stand and deliver

-my soul will fly free

-can’t make me shiver

-my soul will fly free

‘Cause I’m a man of circumstance…

I have dealt with the life handed to me

Never once have I fell

and not crawled out of the living hell…

That sometime life has handed to me.

Climbing mountains while dreaming of beaches

November 15, 2012
We got lucky and Lou Whittaker was our guide. ...

Image via Wikipedia

Edging my way with ice underneath far above the crumbled rock below

I feel as though I may fall if  I move yet I press on

I felt so overwhelmed when I was low

staring up to the endless top

Yet I stepped on

Up I go it’s so cold now

I feel the want to stop

but if I do I know that I’ll quit

And  I may never reach the top

Oh how I wish that I was laying on a beach with warm sand

and the thunderous sound of water crashing close at hand

But I am climbing up farther than ever before

and I ‘d bet that the seagulls on that beach would see me and soar

Just a little bit further and I’ll reach the top

I must not drift off for I fear it  may cause me to stop

But the kids are playing on that nice warm beach

And the top has been too far of a travel and out of my reach

Focus! I must press on

Climbing the last step I now stand

on something that I could not explain how grand

but the world seems small from where I do now perch

the top is mine…no longer do I search

beaches could not compare to the sweetness of this thin air

I am so high above the ground that many will never be

most people will not have this view

they will have to settle for a beach by the sea.


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