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Girl Crazy

February 9, 2014

Did you ever see such a beautiful thing?

Vanessa Swainston Photography by: Lee Baxley

Vanessa Swainston
Photography by:
Lee Baxley

Those lips as soft and moist as the kiss

that castes the spell on one’s soul

igniting the wonder that blossoms into lust

so powerful that there is no turning away.

As her pupils widen and welcome…

their presence grows an addiction

that brings nothing but the thought of her.

The curves and feverish warmth radiating from every fuzzy hair

lends to the mystery of all the wonders she may possess.

The length of that neck, to the smell of her hair, down to each anticipated curve.

Her solid press and feel of breathe upon the face is living proof that she is a gift from God borrowed from Heaven

Thank you Vanessa!

Vanessa Swainston
Casual look
Thank you Vanessa!

and lent to the arms of her holder.

Her hands send electricity through whatever they touch.

It is a physiological miracle that these things happen all at once

stirring one’s mind and capturing the possibility of oneness with such a creature.

It is another miracle that such a creature desires the same of you or me.

Perhaps that is why I am girl crazy.


Vanessa Swainston

Available for booking shoots, commercial ads, TV, and promotional work. Visit:

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  1. February 9, 2014 2:56 pm

    Hmm, beauty is as beaury does, Stuart, and she does show very nicely. No wonder you’re girl crazy!! 🙂 xx

    • February 9, 2014 4:41 pm

      Vanessa is a Facebook friend of mine that is always doing good things in this world. It is not always the outside beauty that matters but some people are great characters all the way around and she is a one of those. When I was selecting pics to go with this piece I had the options of the world and I’ve come to know a lot of models over the years. Most are very superficial and it would make me look the same to use them. Yes I do look that way a bit with Vanessa but I know a lot about her and she is the right feeling I wanted to bring out in my words. She was worthy and willing to allow me my pick of her albums so I was very thankful. In reality I set around with this neck brace and do what I can right now and it kills my soul! I am truly thankful for friends like Vanessa and YOU Lady P because it is the lights of this world like you all that give me hope and help me to push on when I’m having to do things at 1/4 speed. TY for visiting!

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