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Little Moments

March 11, 2011
In Memory of Loved Ones

Image by Toni Kaarttinen via Flickr

Sometimes through the day

things strike me in such a way

that it causes me to pause

and reflect… because

I’ll see something that mom used to do

or an old friend used to say

and then in that moment

they live in the middle of my day

These moments don’t cost me anything

and sometimes they bring

joy with a little pain

but I know that those loved ones live in me

as sure as the blood in my veins… and they take me to new heights

as I live on knowing that it would be to their delight

because it is through me that they now live

and it is their little moments that allow me to give

the kind of love that they did back then

back in the time when little moments weren’t needed or taken

If some one was to say that these moments are not needed now they would be sadly mistaken

because these little moments keep loved ones passed from being forsaken

And give me peace even in the worst of times since I can always go back…at least in my mind.

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  1. March 11, 2011 1:00 am

    We used to sing Precious Memories. I do not remember everything about lost grandparents, but the memories that did survive are powerful indeed.

    • March 11, 2011 1:41 am

      We all have these times and I believe that they help make us stronger and also form us into who we are. Peace be with you.
      PS I have tweeted you on my site!

  2. March 11, 2011 4:03 am

    How true this is… they are, and always will be, a part of us. My mother comes into my mind sometimes at the most unexpected times. And now, as I grow older, many of my friends have crossed over too, but memories of them are always there. God bless you, Stuart.

  3. March 11, 2011 3:36 pm

    little moments, little treasures which keep memories of those past alive and well in our minds forever…and allow us to share in their gifts through us…xPenx

    • March 29, 2011 3:18 pm

      many thanks, Stuart, for your recent visit and detailed comments, very much appreciated. I hope this comment finds you and yours healthy and happy. Spring brings new life and new hope for everything on Earth, lets hope we keep our side of the bargain. Take care ~ Penx

  4. March 14, 2011 1:42 am

    yeah, small events /daily moments are precious sparks which make us feel alive and hopeful..

    lovely capture of your little treasury times.

    you rock, bless you and your family.

  5. March 15, 2011 2:29 am

    awesome reflection …

    Happy Tuesday.

    • March 15, 2011 2:39 am

      I have twitted your blog thins week with invites to submit /read/ and share to all of my followers Jingle Be sure and have all my visitor submit a site when they visit so that I can tweet them as well! Peace be with you!

  6. March 15, 2011 3:21 pm

    Lovely memories….small things sometimes makes us smile all day

  7. March 15, 2011 4:33 pm

    and what is not nice about this poem stuart is that it finishes when i was just beginning to warm up haha! you’re great! here’s my potluck..

  8. March 15, 2011 10:43 pm

    Lovely, 2z!! And so true…
    It’s those little moments of enlightenment .. of joy.. of pain… of wonder that move us forward!! And it’s awesome..

    “but I know that those loved ones live in me
    as sure as the blood in my veins” – I really liked these lines a lot!! So effective..

  9. March 25, 2011 1:48 am

    Real truth indeed.

    Love is like a seed in our mind
    It grows as a tree in our memories
    Fruits in to pleasant thoughts
    Induces us to distribute it to contacts
    Is self perpetuating
    As it is relished by everybody.

  10. March 25, 2011 10:08 am

    I feel delighted reading you. The words you choose express the emotions in an absolute proportion! I agree those li’l moments make of who we are. A bit of this and a dash of that.. 🙂

    Hope life’s good.. Sending you Owly Hugs xox

  11. March 25, 2011 2:51 pm

    keep it up.

    Welcome joining poets rally week 40,
    all submissions will be fully represented by the end of the week,
    visit me for details today.. hope to see you in..

    Happy Writing..

  12. March 25, 2011 5:06 pm

    Wow, this is great.
    You returned with a jem.

  13. March 27, 2011 12:48 pm

    Very precious moments, I love this piece! Your last line was especially powerful, I like how you said that at least we can go back to those memories.

  14. May 22, 2011 8:22 pm

    Good point. I hadn’t thuoght about it quite that way. 🙂


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